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Case Studies

Case Study, Lake Alfred WWTP, Lake Alfred, FL. When the City of Lake Alfred decided to upgrade their existing 1 MGD trickling filters wastewater treatment plant… they decided on the USBF process. more >>

Case Study, Tonto Apache Tribe WWTP, Payson, AZ. When the Tonto Apache Tribe decided to expand its casino operations to include a 101-room hotel… the Tribe decided on the Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF™) wastewater treatment technology. more >>


Alpha has completed the initial stages of its strategic plan to become a significant global environmental company. It has acquired the world rights to the USBF™ wastewater treatment technology ( including the patents, trademarks and trade secrets ), completed its listing on the US OTC Exchange ( AWWI: OTCBB & OTCQB ), identified key management and support staff, and has formed strategic alliances with key partners in China, including China Aviation Inc. (“AVIC”) and Renmin University of China School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Alpha will obtain revenue from these 3 streams:

● License fees through Technology Transfer License agreements, granting exclusive use of the technology in selected regions. Alpha has signed license agreements with 3 different parties covering the regions of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, India and Bangladesh, as well as a non-exclusive license for China;
● Sales of equipment and completed plants, and
● Utility fees, through the ongoing operations of the plants.

Alpha’s primary goal is to become a global utility company, building a series of BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and BOO (Build-Operate-Own) plants throughout the world. This will require significant financing, so Alpha is currently seeking to secure multiple financing and/or partnership sources.

Currently, Alpha has two plants underway -- its first BOT plant in Chengde, China and a textile dye treatment plant in Bangladesh. Alpha is also in various stages of the tendering and negotiations process for other plants in India, China and Vietnam, both independently and through other partners.

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