Increasing global demand..

Dynamic Market

Alpha is developing its strategy for installing USBF™ plants throughout the world, to help meet the critical global demand for wastewater treatment. It will supply equipment and build plants, operate plants and license its technology rights in select regions. Revenue will come from three separate streams – equipment and plant sales, utility operations and licensing fees.

The two most significant markets that Alpha is developing directly are China and India, where over one third of the world’s population resides. Both countries have a tremendous need for reclaiming water – their usable water is becoming increasingly scarce and the used water is more polluted with agricultural, industrial and human contaminants, threatening the health of China’s and India’s citizens.

Alpha’s primary market is China, where Alpha has met tremendous opportunities and market demand. The company has established key partnerships and associations in China. Half of its population has insufficient access to clean water, so there is an urgent need for wastewater treatment facilities. This need is supported by the Central Government’s financial programs established under the 11th and 12th Five Year Plans. In the current 2011-2015 Five Year Plan, China has allocated more than US$4.5 billion toward improving the supply of clean water.

Below is a chart of the current and forecast volumes of treated wastewater and rates of treatment for China’s urban centers. These tier 1 cities produce enormous volumes of wastewater, which are better suited to larger systems and different processes, but this chart clearly demonstrates the effect of the Central Government’s 11th and 12th Five Year Plans showing the dramatic increase in water reuse and reclamation.

● Urban Wastewater Discharge and Treatment Rate in China, 2005-2009 and future forecasts

However, beyond the urban centers, there is a vast country with countless small villages, where wastewater treatment is virtually non-existent. Alpha’s USBF technology is exceptionally well-suited for the small to medium-sized (1,000 to 150,000 ton per day) decentralized sites. The USBF’s flexible size, modularized design, energy efficiency and overall low operational costs make the technology the ideal solution for these uses.

One of the objectives in the Central Government’s 12th Five Year Plan is to improve the living standards of all its population, and that has been translated into an approx $1B stimulus to build infrastructure for its rural population. Alpha is optimistic that building wastewater treatment facilities using its technologies will be eligible for such funding.